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November 20, 2011
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Mario - Extra Poses Sprite Sheet (FINAL UPDATE) by TuffTony Mario - Extra Poses Sprite Sheet (FINAL UPDATE) by TuffTony
Here are the extra poses I've made/edited for Mario. This is also for ~xXKaijuKing91Xx, because I'm making some new sprites for his flash series Super Mario Bros. - Heroes of the Stars. And about the sprite sheet, I've used the palettes from ~xXKaijuKing91Xx's version of his Mario sprite sheet [link] . I'll make some extra poses for Luigi as well soon. Hope you guys all like it! :happybounce:
Mario - Extra Poses Sprite Sheet:


Luigi - Extra Poses Sprite Sheet:


Yoshi - Extra Poses Sprite Sheet:


UPDATE (11-24-11): I've added more poses for Mario. Hope you guys all like it. B-)

UPDATE 2 (12-28-11): New poses added! I did an attempt on converting the SMB3/SMW Mario sprites into MLSS style yesterday, and I tried to make them look more MLSS-ish style. I hope you guys all like the updates for the sprite sheet. B-)

UPDATE 3 (01-02-12): More new poses added! I have to make even more extra poses of Mario this time. I hope you guys all like the updates for the sprite sheet. B-)

UPDATE 4 (01-13-12): More new poses added again! :XD: I decided to make an update for the Mario Bros's extra poses sprite sheets. I also made my version of the pose that was based off of ShadowWalker15x's flash animation called; Mario vs. Luigi - The Finale. I hope you guys all like the updates for the sprite sheet. B-)

UPDATE 5 (02-22-12): Yes, more updates for the extra poses for the Mario Bros.! :D I've added some new poses for both Mario and Luigi. Stay tune for more updates, folks! ;)

UPDATE 6 (03-16-12): I added a "Kick Buttowski" pose for Mario in this sprite sheet. :XD: Special thanks to ~Yagoshi for the original sprite pose.

UPDATE 7 (04-09-12): Added two more attack poses and two more palettes in the sheet. The first new palette I've made is a concept of Mario's new powerup called Monster Flame Mario, an idea I had from the game; Kirby's Returned to Dreamland. I'll plan on uploading the concept of Monster Flame Mario soon ASAP. Also credits to ~Giga-Mario for the Grass Mario palette [link] , and ~jmkrebs30 and !M-Haynes-Productions for the SMBZ sprites.

UPDATE 8 (05-15-12): After with all of the updates I did, I think that I did an awesome job with these sprites. I also added the pixel art sprite in this sheet as well but with two different versions of the pixel art. Special credits goes to ~ShinRyoga for the original SuperMario MUGEN sprites. One more thing though, I will be planning on making my version of Mario Bros's ultimate sprite sheets soon. Stay tuned! :D

UPDATE 9 (07-31-12): New poses for Mario are now added in the sheet such as his attacks like Tatsumaki Senpukyaku and Shoryuken from the Street Fighter series. I also used ~SuperSpriterX's MLBIS sprites of Mario's Rasengan pose and converted into MLSS style. Special credits goes to ~SuperSpriterX for the sprite [link] .

UPDATE 10 (08-07-12): Added a pose of Mario looking up from NSMB. Also added a new palette of a powerup in the sheet called Anger Mario, an unused powerup from the game Paper Mario for the N64. Plus, here's a cosmic clone palette as well.

UPDATE 11 (08-13-12): More extra pose added for Mario. Also credits goes to ~SMBZ1 for the MJ pose [link] and the Sonic Battle style pixel art sprite [link] . Plus, added a punching pose I converted from a Sonic sprite into a Mario sprite.

UPDATE 12 (08-28-12): New extras and palettes added for Mario. I also made a hammer attack similar to Amy's hammer attack from Sonic Battle. The darkish blue and red palette is my version of the powerup Superball Mario from Super Mario Land and the orange and red palette is an unknown powerup from a Mario fangame.

UPDATE 13 (09-28-12): Here are more poses added for Mario. The poses I added are from both MLPIT and SMBZ. Special credits goes to Mattdraw for the SMBZ Mario sprites [link]m=02&c=1&id=26913 .

UPDATE 14 (11-30-12): Updated the sprite sheet with new poses added. Plus, special thanks goes to ~ProtronRazoron for the fixed version of Mario's rapid punch sprites [link] .

:new: UPDATE 15 (12-16-12): Here's the final update of Mario's extra poses sheet. After all of the updates I did for this sheet, I really did a great job helping my friend ~xXKaijuKing91Xx for making the two part sheets for both Mario and Luigi. I also added a sprite pose of Mario's MUGEN win pose by =AilynnStarlight aka ~ShinRyoga in MLSS style. (Original link of =AilynnStarlight's Mario MUGEN sheet: [link]) Plus, I added new poses and pixel arts from ~SMBZ1's version of Mario's ultimate sprite sheet [link] and ~TheGuy07's Namco X Capcom styled PA of Mario [link] . Also, on December 21, 2012, I will upload both Mario and Luigi's ultimate sprite sheets, which is a combination of both ~xXKaijuKing91Xx and I's sprite sheet. I would like to thank everybody for using both mine and ~xXKaijuKing91Xx's Mario and Luigi's sprite sheets. :D Thanks for using my sprites and give all of us credit if used. ;)

=TuffTony (me)
Hal Labrotory
Game Freak
Sonic Team
Shonen Jump
Hudson Soft
Bandai Namco
Atsushi Okubo
TV Tokyo
BONES Studios
Media Factory
~Solo Alone
~Reuben Kee
XCB/Big Eli King
And many other spriters and stuff... lol

Also credits to ShadowWalker15x, BrawlFan1, ~Exodius-Nightmare, and ~SuperSpriterX for some sprites and palettes.

Mario and Luigi; Super Mario Bros. series Nintendo.
Super Mario Bros. - Heroes of the Stars ~xXKaijuKing91Xx.
Others to their rightful owners.
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And this is the one that i send you this so that it could be finished here:[link]
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